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Heart of Rock Farm

Our next Barn Dance is

Saturday, July 8th

(our 10-Year Celebration!)

7 pm to 11:30

We don't normally get to host dances during the wedding season, but in July 2023 we're celebrating ten years of dancing in the barn.  Come dance with us!

A few changes for this event only:

* We've invited Papa Smoke (who played for Carol's birthday dance in March) to join us again for this celebration.  They are an awesome band and they know their dance music.

* The dance lesson will begin a bit earlier this time in order to wrap things up in time for the band to begin playing at 8 pm.  Andy will teach beginner/introductory West Coast Swing from 7:20 SHARp through 7:50.  As always, we'd love for folks who already know the dance to join in.  It's really helpful for newcomers get to rotate in with dancers who already know the ropes.

* The cost for this particular event will be $10.  

* There will be light hors d'oeuvres available early in the evening.  

* An RSPV isn't absolutely necessary, but it will help us prepare if we have an idea how many to expect.  If you can make it, please RSVP on our Facebook event.  

Sign up for email (bottom of this page) and we'll notify you about future dances and any changes.


Quick Details:

* Music:  Live band:  Papa Smoke 

* $10 per person.  Adults only.

* Casual dress.

* Doors open at 7pm and we dance until about midnight.

* Dance Lesson: 7:20 sharp!  Beginner/ Introductory West Coast Swing with Andy Hebert

* Alcohol:  No bar, but you're welcome to bring your own soft alcohol (beer, wine, hard alcohol). You are responsible!

*  Refreshments: 

    ~ Light hors d'oeuvres early in the evening.

   ~ Feel free to bring something to share if you like. 

   ~ You're also welcome to bring your own takeout and enjoy your meal here as part of your night out.  We just ask that you pick up after yourselves.

   ~ Bottled water and canned soda pop are available for $1.

* Address:  Heart of Rock Farm, 19270 SW Pacific Hwy, Sherwood, 97140.  Look for our sign.  Call if you get lost:  (503) 309-0318 or (503) 313-2872. 

* Parking:  Park in the lighted grass lot if parking alongside the long reception barn is full.  Please don't park next to the restroom, and don't block any exits or traffic paths.

* DepartureThis is very important as there have been more accidents on 99W recently...when you leave, go out the back way (look for the arrow signs).  This is a safer exit to 99W, from which you can turn left or right.  The front road allows a right turn only, and it's a bit of a blind curve with traffic speeding around the corner as you're trying to depart.

(More information about the dances is included below**)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Sign up at the bottom of the page for updates or join Heart Of Rock Farm Barn Dance Updates on Facebook.  

Welcome Social Dancers & Dance Friends!

Whenever we can, we’re hosting Barn Dances at Heart of Rock Farm.  You’re invited to come out and dance with us.

We don't have a set schedule for dances because we have to plan them between onsite weddings, so check back here from time to time or sign up at the bottom of the page for email notices.  Most of our dances are held late fall through late spring because the wedding season is busy, but once in a while we're able to squeeze in a summer dance date.  Dances are almost always on Saturdays.  

The doors open at 7 pm (unless there's no lesson and then we open at 7:30).  We we usually offer a beginning-level dance lesson at 7:30.  Most of the time Andy Hebert is our dance instructor.  

Come alone or bring a partner (or better yet, a group of friends).  We'll be playing a mixture of danceable classic rock, country, contemporary music, swing, and requests.  We cater to a variety of dance styles, including "shake your booty" and the high school don't worry if you don't know any particular partner dances or line dances.

The cost is typically $7 per person.  That helps cover the cost of running the events.  

We hold these events for several reasons: 

  1.  We love to dance, and we like sharing that activity with like-minded friends; we know how to choose good dance music; and we like dancing on a good floor (which we have!). 
  2. We use the events as a fun way to raise funds to help with the many building projects we have going on.  We don’t make a lot of money at the dances, but every time we hold one we get to go out and buy another handful of folding chairs and maybe a new table.  It all adds up, and we’re grateful for the support. 

Dance Lessons:

We tend to gear our lessons toward beginners because we want to share the love of partner dancing with new people.  However, we love it when experienced dancers participate.  We’ve found that it’s really helpful for beginners to have experienced dancers in the lesson with them. 

Very often, our volunteer guest instructor is Andy Hebert.  We attended Ty's and Andy's lessons at the Milwaukie Elks for years, and we learned a lot from them.  We’re grateful that Andy is willing to teach for us, and I'm sure Ty is watching from above with approval.    

Andy typically starts out with a beginner-level lesson, and then kicks it up a notch at the end for the more-experienced dancers who are kind enough to jump in for the benefit of the beginners.

Dance Floor

Our floating dance floor is one of the largest in the region:  about 1600 square feet.   There's lots of room, so bring a friend!  Remember:  line dancers and stationary dancers in the middle, and traveling couples to the outside (counter clockwise).  We value and appreciate good dance floor etiquette!


We don't offer bar service but you're welcome to BYO beverage (soft alcohol only).  Please drink responsibly (which is normally the case with dancers, anyway).

There is bottled water and pop available for $1.  Help yourself from the 'fridge and drop a dollar in the cash box.  Water is also available from a dispenser on the counter, but our well water is not the tastiest.  If it's cold out, we often offer coffee as well.

We always have snacks on hand, and you're welcome to bring something to contribute to the snack table if you like.

We've occasionally had Meet-Up groups ask if it's okay to bring pizza or take-out for their group.  Go for it!  All we ask is that you clean up after yourselves. 


If it's not raining heavily, park in the field across the driveway.  If it's a muddy day and the gravel lot is full, remember that you can park alongside the gravel roads leading in and out of the property and there’s additional parking behind the Onion Barn. 

Dress Code:

Be comfortable!  If the ladies are wearing high heels, drop them off at the door before you find your parking space.  The lot is pretty gravely. 

Call us if you have any questions or need directions.

The address is Heart of Rock Farm, 19270 SW Pacific Hwy, Sherwood, OR 97140.  We put lighted signs out on dance night.  Phone or text is (503) 309-0318. 

And, as always, it's okay to invite friends!  See you on the dance floor.

Lisa & Philip Hahn

March 2014 Barn Dance Photos

Check out the photos from the March 15, 2014 dance.

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