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 In-House Day-Of Service Options  

Day-of coordination is an option you can add to elevate your event from semi-DIY to more of a full-service experience.  Depending on the option(s) you choose, our staff can provide most of the set-up, decorating and cleanup -- as well as support duties during the event -- leaving you, family members and close friends (the people who would normally be assigned extra responsibilities) more time to relax and enjoy your day together.    

Day-of Support is not full-service wedding planning.  This service is appropriate if you are planning your own wedding but -- once the planning is done -- you want to step back and let someone else handle some or all of the execution.  Even if you’re DIY-oriented and enjoy creating all of your own decorations, you can still consider having someone else handle the set-up for you, manage the day, and then clean up so you can be on your way.

We offer four service options, which you can mix and match to tailor the support to your situation and budget.  

Read this page to the end.  The information here will help you consider how much support you might need.  Don’t hesitate to call or email Lisa with questions or to brainstorm. 

Click each of the 4 tabs to read the detailed service description for each Option.  You'll also find a quick-comparison chart below that, and a "Things to Consider" section at the end that talks about why you might or might not want to hire a day-of coordinator.

Additional Optional Services (available with Options D2 & D4):  

* Two Parking Attendants $100 
The Day-Of Coordinator will assist with hiring two Parking Attendants for the event, for up to an hour each.

* Fire Safety Attendant ~ $75
The Day-Of Coordinator will assist with hiring one Fire Safety Attendant for up to three hours.  (Fire wood is not provided.)  

 Quick Comparison Chart 

Be sure to read the full descriptions above before choosing an Option.   We'll be glad to help you figure out which (if any) is best for your particular wedding.

D-1: Set-Up & Decorating Services  
D-2: Day-of Coordination  

D-3: Clean-Up Services 

D-4: Combined Services 





6 hours:  2 early setup +4 wedding day

9 hours:  1 rehearsal +8 wedding day

2 hours:  Beginning 1 hr before the venue closes

13 hours:  2 rehearsal/early setup +11 wedding day

Description:  Set-up & decorating according to the final decorating plan. Greatly reduces the number of volunteers needed.

Description:  DESCRIPTION:  Day-of support, allowing the couple, family & wedding party to relax and enjoy the day. Reduces the number of volunteers needed.

Description:  Pack-up and clean-up, allowing the couple, family & wedding party to depart very shortly after the reception ends.

DescriptionCombination of D-1, D-2 and D3


• Attend venue planning & help develop décor plan

• Create an organized packing list

• Receive & inventory the dropped-off supplies

• Decorate tables

• Set tables or stage dishware

• Fold napkins

• Stage the gift area, memorial table, candy bar, photo displays, favors, kids’ table, etc.

• Set up non-alcoholic beverages

• Deliver wedding-day ice (Ice budget required)

• Decorate the wedding pavilion

•  Resolve décor-related problems

* Option to add parking and fire monitor attendants (additional fee)


•  Conduct rehearsal

•  Confirm vendor arrival times

• Onsite liaison with vendors

•  Oversee volunteers tasked with set-up

•  Support to the couple

•  Manage the ceremony

•  Solve problems

•  Manage reception timeline & make announcements *[Extra fee if no DJ]

•  Buss tables & empty trash during event

• Cut/serve cake

•  Refill non-alcoholic beverages

•  Help transfer gifts to the car 

•  Facilitate the formal exit

•  Wedding day emergency kit

* Option to add parking and fire monitor attendants (additional fee)


• Pack up client’s décor and supplies for next-day pick up

• Clean-up

• Turn in completed checklist


Combination of D-1, D-2 and D3

 Other Details 

Retainer Fee: A Non-refundable date retainer of $100 is included in the total service fee. 

Payment Schedule:  The retainer is due when services are contracted.  The balance is due 60 days prior to the event.

Cancellations and Reschedules: Written notice of cancellation must be received at least 60 days prior to the event.  The retainer fee is non-refundable. 

 Things to Consider 

Things to Consider: 

You might WANT day-of support – at some level – if you are nervous about your day going smoothly; if you live out of state or are traveling a long distance to the venue; if you don’t have enough volunteer support (usually provided by family and close friends); if you are planning DIY music vs. hiring a professional DJ; and/or if you just want to relax and enjoy the day without putting a lot of requirements on family, friends and your wedding party.  

The level of support needed will depend on your unique situation and budget, and we can help you sort that out. The benefit of hiring our day-of services vs. another coordinator is that our staff know our venue and have experience with what works best here.  They may also be familiar with your vendors if you’re hiring professionals from or recommendation list.   


You might NOT need day-of support if you have a friend (not a member of the wedding party) or a family member (not a parent, because you want them to have fun, too) who can manage things for you.  This should be someone who can solve problems, keep volunteers on task, deal with vendors, and act as a go-between to keep you from being bombarded with questions.  If you’ve hired a professional, experienced wedding DJ who can help you develop and manage your timeline, you probably don’t need a day-of coordinator just to keep you on track; but you might want someone to manage set-up and cleanup.   If you are VERY hands-on and excited to decorate, and not comfortable turning that over to someone else (other than your trusted team), then you probably don’t need set-up/decorating help.  If you’re not rushing off to an after-party or leaving for your honeymoon, and you have a solid team willing to stay and help, then you don’t need clean-up services.  Again: if you’re not sure, we can help. 

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