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Heart of Rock Farm
Heart of Rock Farm - Rustic weddings and events in Sherwood, Oregon
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Map & Parking Info 

Address & Map


We're on the south side of Highway 99W between Tigard and Sherwood (just outside Sherwood city limit), across from Pick N Pull and the wildlife sanctuary.  99W is divided, so if you're coming from the direction of Tigard you'll have to pass the house, go to the next turn-around, and come back.  Watch for the big black mailbox.  We'll have the entrance marked during events.

There's a back way in, next to Home Depot.  If you come in on the back road, go about a quarter-mile and turn left at the little barn-like structure.  Watch for the signs

Map to  Heart of Rock Farm (Google Maps)

Parking Information

* Guest Parking is in the big field across the driveway from the house and barn.  If you're transporting guests in heels or guests who have difficulty walking, you're welcome to drop them off at the door to the barn and then park in the field.  If there is an attendant on duty, please follow his or her directions as we need to fit a lot of cars in a limited space without blocking anyone in.

* Wedding Party parks in the spaces alongside the onion barn, in front, until that area is full.  After that please park in the field.

* Caterers park in the loading dock space in front.

* Florists may park in the shade of the pumphouse until finished unloading, then move to the lot.

* DJ's and bands may park at the North rollup door to offload (and again later to load back up).  After unloading, ask the venue manager where to park for the duration of the event, or park in the field.

* Other vendors can park in the field unless there is a specific need for a designated space (such as for a limo).  Call ahead to make arrangements in that case.


When you leave, please follow the exit signs and leave via the back of the property.  The front road is one-way in for safety reasons.  The back exit takes you back to 99W, but in a position where you can go left or right and you're protected by a nearby traffic signal. 

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