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Heart of Rock Farm
Heart of Rock Farm - Rustic weddings and events in Sherwood, Oregon
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Mobile & In-House DJ Services 

What are you planning?
A Wedding?  Dance party?  Reunion?  School or church event?  If it involves music, dancing and fun people, I've got just what you're looking for.

I'm Dj Lisa.  I've been deejaying dances, weddings & special events for over 20 years, and involved in event planning for more than 30.  I'm a social dancer myself, so I know exactly what kind of music gets a crowd up and going ... from classic rock to Top 40, and country & western to ballroom.

I'm centered in Sherwood, Oregon and although I mainly serve the Portland-through-Salem area, I'm perfectly happy to drive to the Oregon Coast, Eugene, Vancouver...etc. 

I'm also the venue coordinator at Heart of Rock Farm in Sherwood, just outside of Portland.  If you haven't found your venue yet, I'd love to talk to you about what we have to offer.  
Mobile and In-House DJ services and prices are listed below.   Take a look around, then give me a call: (503) 309-0318 or email me at  

Weddings & Receptions

"As a DJ, I really enjoy getting to know my wedding couples ahead of time and getting involved in their planning -- especially for the music. 

Every aspect of a reception is important: the decorations, the refreshments, the pacing and sequence of events -- but the music, especially if there is dancing, is what marks the event as memorable. 

A wedding reception is pure celebration.  You, along with family and friends, are celebrating a new beginning.  Laughter, music and dancing leave a lasting impression.  You'll  remember that feeling of shared celebration long after you've forgotten the individual details of the day.  I'll help make it so."

Lisa Hahn

The Music Sets The Mood
Ceremony Music - Traditional, or customized to fit your unique style
Dinner Music - Romantic or upbeat - we'll tailor it to you

Special Songs for the Reception *
Dance Music
- Elegant 40's jazz to today's Top 40, and everything in between.  You get to choose

*Special Songs Make the Music Your Own
The music you choose for your wedding and reception will have special meaning for the rest of your lives together.  Each time you hear it, you will remember your wedding day.  Chances are you already have songs that are important to you as a couple, but if you need help choosing, I have some great ideas for you.

Services & Pricing 

Mobile DJ Services (away from Heart of Rock Farm):

(This pricing applies to weddings or events held away from Heart of Rock Farm.  DJ and Officiant services are also available at a discount when you host your event at Heart of Rock Farm.)

  • Team of two: an experienced, professional senior DJ and an assistant DJ.
  • Dance floor lighting package.
  • Two separate sound systems for the ceremony & reception (a full-size system for the reception and a separate mini-system for the ceremony, if needed).
  • Four full-size speakers for the reception, if needed.
  • Two lapel mics for the ceremony (officiant & groom).
  • Wireless handheld mic for the toasts.
  • Up to six hours of music.  (Additional time is available.  See Options.)
  • No mileage charge if within 30 miles of Sherwood.
  • Rehearsal (up to 2 hours with mini system. Ceremony songs must be selected two weeks before the event.  Mileage charged for rehearsal if more than 30 miles from Sherwood.)
  • Help planning your timeline for the ceremony & reception.  (We'll send you a planning worksheet and work with you to create your timeline.)  
  • Professional master of ceremonies.
  • Extensive music library. We’ll customize a play list for you.
  • We’ll keep you on track during the reception — no need to watch the clock or remember what’s next.


(Extra charge for distance more than 30 miles from Sherwood, and some holidays.)


In-House DJ Services at Heart of Rock Farm:

House DJ Service Bring in your own DJ or band, or add Heart of Rock DJ (DJ Lisa) to your contract. 

Same as above, except:

  • Team of one. 
  • 2nd sound system is not necessary.  Music will play indoors and out.
  • The DJ will facilitate the rehearsal and manage your wedding party for the ceremony walk.  (This is typically handled by the wedding planner or a volunteer for events outside of our facility.)

 5-6 hour event  $950

shorter/hourly event  $650 - $950

~ or ~ 

DIY Option A:  PA System for a DIY/IPOD Ceremony & Reception (or other event):  Connect your IPOD or laptop to our sound system. Your music attendant will manage music & volume from your device and will not have direct access to the sound equipment controls. (Music files must be stored on your device, not streamed.) Microphone included for announcements.  Dance floor/disco lighting is also included in this package.  No DJ support provided with this option.  (This option keeps you from having to rent, transport and set up your own PA system, microphone and lighting.)


~ or ~

DIY Option B:  DJ'd Ceremony, & PA System for a DIY/IPOD Reception:  During the planning phase, our DJ will help you plan the ceremony's order of events and music.  During the ceremony, our DJ will provide ceremony music, manage the mics, and coordinate the procession.  After the ceremony, connect your IPOD or laptop to our sound system.  Your music attendant will manage reception music and volume from your device and will not have direct access to the sound equipment controls.  (Music files must be stored on your device, not streamed.)  Microphone included for announcements, plus two lapel mics for the ceremony.  Dance floor/disco lighting is also included in this package.  (This options keeps you from having to rent, transport and set up your own PA system, microphones and lighting.  It also provides an effortless and professional ceremony procession.)  


Need something extra?


Lighted "LOVE" letters.  
Light up your life!

Rental with mobile DJ Service:
(included at no extra charge if your event is hosted at Heart of Rock Farm)


Additional Hours (play time or wait time):  Contract in advance to guarantee availability.  If not contracted, the DJ will stay longer if requested, as long as not committed somewhere else (DJ's option).  Additional play time must be paid for in advance if contracted, or at the time of service if extended during the event.  

Per hour if contracted in advance:

Per hour if extended during the event:


Mileage:  For planning purposes, estimate $1.50 per mile, one way (waved if less than 30 miles from Sherwood).  Overnight expenses right be required in certain situations.  

Per mile (based on one way):


Holiday Charge:  New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  



Other Special Requirements:  Planning something out of the ordinary?  Tell me what you have in mind.  


Other Heart of Rock Services


Visit our Services & Pricing page for additional services offered by Heart of Rock Farm, including officiant, house catering, day-of services, photo booth and -- of course -- the opportunity to host your event here at the farm.  

Photo by Heidi Helser Photography

More About Weddings & Receptions
The checklist, the planning meeting, the music, the order of events ...
There's a lot to think about.  Whether it's me or another music professional, it's best to work with your DJ early in the planning process.  I can help you prepare for some things you might not expect.
I orchestrate wedding receptions!

Choose Your Dance Music ... 

Classic Rock & Oldies

Top 40 Hits

Hip Hop & Rap

Contemporary Rock

Swing & Big Band


Country & Western

70's Disco

80's Pop

Motown Hits

Contemporary R&B

Alternative Rock

90's, 2000's, this year's hits, your highschool favorites...

(and just about any genre you enjoy)

Line Dances (not just for cowboys anymore


... or let me play to the crowd.

I know dance music, and I know how to get them on the floor and keep them there.  Leave a lasting memory with your friends and family...throw them a great party on your wedding day.

Just tell me what you like.  You can keep it simple by telling me which artists and music genre's you like most and let me pick the best dance tunes, or you can be really detailed and pick specific songs that you'd like to hear.  You get to decide whether or not I'll take requests from the crowd, and I'll ask you in advance about specific songs that always get requested, but brides and grooms don't always like.  (Like the Chicken Dance: you either love it or you hate it.  There's no in-between!)

Available Dates 

Is my date open? 


No availability


Jan-Apr: No availability

May-Jul: Most Saturdays

August: No availability

September:  Most Saturdays

Oct-Dec: No availability

(Use the form below to inquire.)

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