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Melissa (OLCC Server) 

Melissa has served alcohol for a number of couples who got married at Heart of Rock Farm, and she often helps out at our own Barn Dances.  She is a top-notch OLCC server, with a lot of experience at our venue. 

One of the things we like most about Melissa is that she can talk to ANYONE, and everybody likes her.  With life experiences that range from international competition & travel, office work, plumbing & pipefitting, dealing with a friend’s addiction, and helping two close family members through cancer, to her current real-life role as a nursing student, Melissa is well-rounded.  She even speaks sign language.

Melissa brings a friendly, stress free, commanding presence to your bar.  Your guests will enjoy themselves, and you can relax knowing that -- at the end of the day -- there will be no embarrassing alcohol-related issues and everyone will be safe.  She keeps awesome control over the alcohol situation.  I think it's safe to say Melissa has saved a few of our wedding couples from unhappy circumstances by keeping track of guest "participation" so well.  

And while she’s a no-nonsense gal, she's still nice about enforcing the rules.  You want someone like Melissa on your side so you can relax and enjoy your day.  

Melissa is available to start a little early to set up your bar, or you can have her walk in shortly before the bar opens (if you're planning to have a volunteer set everything up).  She's also available to stay after the bar closes to clean the bar area.  She'll also plan to dress according to the atomosphere you're trying to set for your wedding.  You'll work all of that out with her when you hire her.  

If you have a large enough crowd that you'd prefer two servers, talk to Melissa about it before you hire a second person.  She has a bartending partner she sometimes works with, and she might be able to give you a discount on a two-server hire if her co-server is also available.

Melissa will be serving the Champagne at the Open House on March 11th.  Stop by the bar and say hello!

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